Cloud Drying Rack & Drainboard

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Efficiently dry all your baby's feeding essentials with the Cloud Drying Rack & Drainboard. Its cute & versatile design accommodates bottles, teats, breast pump parts, and more. The spout allows for effortless draining, making clean-up a breeze. Keep your kitchen tidy and your baby's items sanitized with this must-have accessory.

The Melii Cloud Drying Rack & Drainboard offers the sweetest and functional solution to make cleaning up a breeze!

The Cloud is designed so you can place a number of feeding parts and accessories to air dry; from baby bottles, teats, dummies, breast pump parts to cutlery, sippy cups and more!

The drain spout allows you to drain collected water directly into your sink, reducing mess and avoiding the risk of mould building up in the base. 

Super easy to clean, just pop into the top rack of the dishwasher or thoroughly wash with soap and warm water before first use and after each use for the best results. 

Clean thoroughly with soap and warm water of on top rack of dishwasher before first use and as needed.

Always inspect the product before each use & throw away at first sign of damage or weakness.

Made from high quality BPA, lead, cadium and PVC free materials to ensure they are the safest products to use for your little ones feeding accessories.