Allison Piraud, founder of Élhée, began to rethink the baby bottle - traditionally designed by men, out of a desire to develop the emotional and sensory dimension of this very first object of a babies affection.

Like many women, she alternated breast and bottle-feeding during her maternity leave. Exasperated by the easily broken glass of baby bottles, and sceptical about the alleged harmlessness of new plastic materials, Allison opted for the latest generation of medical-grade silicone which, in addition to ensuring the absolute safety of babies and infants, is also a uniquely creative material for baby bottles.

Flexible, supple and soft to the touch, the BibRond bottle has a unique design, with graceful curves, a tribute to the natural curves of a mother. From the absolute purity of the material to its innovative design, irreproachable ergonomic finish and practicality, nothing escaped this young mother’s uncompromising eye.