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Élhée’s Duo of Teats – Medium

Élhée’s Duo of Teats – Medium

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Pack of 2 physiological and anti-colic teats (0-24 months) Medium flow (M). Ideal for infant milk or water.

The Elhée physiological and anti-colic teat, made of extra-soft silicone, has been developed to offer your baby sensations similar to those of breastfeeding. It adapts ideally to the shape of baby's palate and contributes to his good oral development. Its anti-colic system reduces the absorption of air and facilitates digestion for toddlers, without fatigue or pain. 

No more discomfort, sometimes painful, related to your baby's transit and digestion!

Teats are also available in different sizes: Medium Flow (M) or Fast Flow (L), to adapt to BibRond Elhée whatever the age and food of your baby (breast milk, infant milk, cereals, porridge).

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100% Silicone
BPA and BPS free
Before and after each use, the teat should be thoroughly cleaned separately from the ring with a conventional or ecological dishwashing liquid, and then rinsed in clear water. A special mini-brush for teats can be used.

For reasons of hygiene and safety, it is advisable to replace the teat after 4 to 8 weeks, depending on its frequency of use.

All teats can be used on all sizes of Élhée BibRond.

Designed and produced with care in France.