Your Birth Weapon

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Your Birth Weapon is a set of unique spiked balls designed to provide relief during labour, using principles of acupuncture. These balls are designed to alleviate labour pains by squeezing them like a stress ball to help manage your journey through childbirth.

You may have heard of the infamous birth comb for labour pain relief. Your Birth Weapon is the birth comb on steroids. A spikey acupressure, massage ball that you can squeeze in your hands from your first contraction to your last.

Why it works?- based on the gateway theory of pain, your brain can only process one message at a time, so by flooding the brain with other sensory stimuli, it is unable to fully process the pain sensations. When gripped in your hands it will trigger acupressure points which can help induce feelings of calm and relieve pain.

Not only can Your Birth Weapon be used during labour but you can also use them during pregnancy and postpartum for light massage. Light massage stimulates increased blood flow and relaxation to the targeted area (ie back, jaw etc), similar to a shakti mat!

Comes as a set of 2 with their own fabric case + a double sided affirmation/instructional card.

Note - as your birth weapon is made from wood the colour of the grain will vary between batches. Our current batch is more red toned.

- Your Birth Weapon is excluded from our 10% first order discount - 

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