As young mums, determined to offer only the best products to our kids, we did a ton of research and quickly realized that there was a void in the market – there weren’t enough companies offering safe, cute products for kids that were actually affordable to parents. First-hand experience with our own little ones taught us that using fun feeding accessories helps encourage young eaters to come to the table, sit longer and provide positive associations with mealtime.  We wanted better for our families and yours, and with that, our journey began.

At Melii, we are committed to providing you with access to quality, practical yet whimsical products that kids and parents alike will love. As a parent, it’s nice to have accessories that match the décor of your kitchen, but let’s be honest, our kids want to eat with something fun and colorful! So, we dedicated our company to making feeding fun!  

All products are proudly designed in Canada by two moms: Melissa B. (Meli) + Melissa R. (Meli) = Melii