Perineal Power - Soothing Postpartum Icepack

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This soothing postpartum Ice Pack is designed to provide relief after birth. The flexible gel bead ice pack shapes to the body and helps reduce pain and swelling to your c-section, vulva, breasts and more.

Hey Hot Mama, Need a little help cooling down? We are here for you! Viva La Vulva Postpartum Ice Packs have been specifically designed and contoured to fit down there to help you ‘chill’ comfortably.

Cold therapy is a safe and natural way to soothe discomfort from postpartum tearing, sensitive areas down there, episiotomy, caesarean. Supports the healing process. You’ve got this, mama!


These cold packs support the healing process and are suitable for:

  1. Postpartum Tearing

  2. Episiotomy

  3. Cesarean Section

  4. Sensitive anal areas

  5. Soothing tender breasts

Reusable // Washable // Freezable // Microwaveable


  • 2 x specifically designed reusable gel bead packs.

  • 3 x washable soft outer sleeves.



Pop packs in the fridge for an hour or so. Once cold (not frozen), apply to c-section incision, don’t place it directly on skin, pop a towel in between. 

And don't forget, these help soothe any itching sensations (and if you deliver via c-section your vulva may still need heaps of love!)


Once you are healed and feeling good, you can keep these as ice packs great for headaches or they can be heated up for a little extra muscle tension relief in other places!


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