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C-Section Silicone Strips offer an effective solution for reducing the appearance of scarring. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, these strips can help flatten and lighten scars with regular use. With their gentle, flexible design, they are comfortable to wear while providing long-lasting results.

We know that as your skin gradually recovers from stomach birth, it’s likely to feel sensitive, tender, and irritable (just like how many of us feel in the months that follow). Collagen thickens as part of the healing process, however, this tends to give scars a bumpy, raised look. It’s also possible that your scar has a different colour to the rest of your skin.

While this is all totally normal and to be expected after a c-section delivery, we get that you might like to help your scar fade and flatten as much as possible.


create a physical barrier between your fragile new skin and the world, while promoting moisture retention. This contributes to a smoother, softer, and less noticeable scar appearance.

Silicone can be used for improving the appearance and textures of scars, and is often recommended by healthcare professionals. and labelled as the ‘gold standard’ of scar treatment. You can use these silicone strips once your practitioner gives you the okay to apply topical products to your c-section skin - this is usually at your six-week check up.

Why we love silicone strips…

-There are very few risks associated with applying silicone strips topically, as its non-invasive, safe to use while breastfeeding, and suitable for all skin types.

-The strip provides the slightest amount of pressure to your scar for enhanced protection and moisture retention.

-They can be worn all day every day, to continually minimise the appearance of your scar.

-They’re ultra-thin, flexible, durable, and soft, so you won’t notice you’re wearing it.

Silicone gel and polydimethylsiloxane.

Each pack contains 4 X 100% medical-grade silicone strips for c-section skin.

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Customer Reviews

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My scar is looking and feeling great!

I didn’t even know things like this existed!! I was so terrified of what I was going to do/use after my incision bandage came off but lo and behold the fabulous Yung Bod silicone strips came to the rescue. I was a little hesitant at first to be honest because I was scared the sticky would pull at my scar and be painful, but it wasn’t at all. It peels off smoothly and doesn’t catch anywhere. I also loved how I could reuse it. My routine was remove before shower, wash it in the shower, pat dry after shower the pop it back on. I also used it with a little bit of c-section oil for extra extra goodness and the strip didn’t come off. My scar felt smooth after using the strips the way I did ~ so very happy. My scar is looking and feeling great yay

Big shout out and thank you to Babe, Bump & Beyond and Yung Bod 🙏🏾