Beige Teddy Moon Pacifier Holder

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The original moon pacifier holder - not only helps your babe find their pacifier but brings an additional layer of cuteness! Add it to your little ones backpack after they have given up their paci for extra use.

A comforter attached to a pacifier can give a feeling of security to your little one.

A child who is awake can play with their cuddly toy or seek comfort from it while using their pacifier or to make it easy for them to grasp again when their pacifier falls out.
If a child needs the cuddly toy to fall asleep, take it away as soon as they fall asleep.
Place the cuddly toy where the child can see it outside of their sleeping area.

Annelijn, a young mother of 2 (Dapper and Maen) makes these cute comforter/pacifier hangers by hand. These modern moons also make a great toy or can be hung from a play gym for younger babes discovering textures.

100% Synthetic Fabric with Herringbone Twill Tape.
Excludes Pacifier but you can add our silicone pacifier to your purchase here.
30º gentle machine wash.
Lay flat in shade to dry.
Please use organic, eco friendly detergent to best care for your Moon. 

All moons are handmade therefore each one its unique and may deviate slightly from the moon shown in the photo.
Tested and approved cuddly toy 0-3 years.
Until 1 year of age, your babe should not sleep with a comforter, please remove from crib when baby is sleeping.

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