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“I used ‘your birth weapon’ as part of my labour “toolkit” and am so grateful that we had them! In moments where it felt like so much of what I was experiencing was out of my control they allowed me create a sensation that I could focus my mind on. Grasping them tightly during contractions while concentrating on my breath helped me to stay calm and gave me comfort during a lengthy labour.” - Krista

“An absolute labour MUST HAVE! I couldn’t have gotten through without these, so much better than the comb trick because you don’t need to think about how to hold them, just grip and get through those contractions! Would recommend these to absolutely everyone 🤍” - Chelsea

“These were an incredible addition to my home birth. I initially had combs but they weren’t really cutting it and it was distracting having to figure out where to hold them. My midwife gave me your birth weapon to use instead and the spikey sensation of the balls is next level, natural pain relief . I held them from the moment I got in the pool to when my baby was born and I now recommend them to everyone. I’m pretty sure my husband was stoked not to have me squeezing his hands that hard too!” - Grace