Silverette info

How To Use

Silverette's design and purpose is to create an environment to promote the healing of nipple skin. It is most effective when used in between nursing sessions.  

The cups are recommended to be worn continuously until breastfeeding is established without any pain or damage.

Silverette can be used pre and postnatal as a preventative measure for sensitive nipples, as well as for nipples that have been damaged from expressing milk.

If you have any concerns or if pain persists, please seek help from a medical practitioner or lactation consultant.

Step 1: Express a couple of drops of breast milk in each cup and place directly over each nipple, secure the cups with the nursing bra.

Step 2: Before breastfeeding, remove the cups and clean the nipples with warm water or a water wipe. Once feeding has completed, rinse the cups with warm water, pat dry and repeat step 1 in-between feeds.

You can use nursing pads over your cups for further protection from leaking. Wear them night and day, in between nursing sessions, until the pain/damage has been resolved. 

How To Find The Right Fit

Silverette® come in two sizes - regular and XL.

Regardless of size, they will work as intended. The only difference is the comfort factor. It is only the diameter of the cup that varies. The height is the same (the space between the nipple and the cup).

If you are looking at the sizing chart and are right on the cusp, go XL. Keep in mind that your breasts will grow throughout pregnancy and even more so when your milk comes in, so go for the size you think you will be post-birth/when you start breastfeeding. This is the period when you'll be wearing the cups the most.

If you are buying them as a gift and are not sure what size to get, go XL. Our recommendation is that XL will cater for all breast and areola sizes.