Missta info

How It Works

  1. Fill Missta bottle with sterilised warm water.
  2. Tip bottle upside down for 2 seconds to obtain a temperature reading.
  3. While the bottle is upside down, press the ‘M’ button located on the top of the lid.
  4. The light will display the serving temperature indication.

How to fill your Missta Bottle

Add 500ml (2 cups/16oz) of completely cooled sterilised water plus 250ml (1 cup/8oz) boiling water. ALWAYS follow the instructions on your formula container to make a fresh bottle and check the formula mixture from the baby’s bottle on your wrist before feeding your infant.

Charging the lid

Prior to initial use, charge the lid until the light flashes green and wash your bottle (do not submerge the lid in liquid).

Cleaning Missta

Please clean your Missta bottle prior to its initial use.

Do not:
  • Submerge the lid in liquid.
  • Put in dishwasher, in microwave, in the fridge or freezer.
  • Put formula powder in your Missta bottle or use your Missta bottle for any other types of liquids. 


Two major differences! 
1. You don’t fill it with boiling water, you fill it with water at SERVING temperature to hold for 12 hours!
2. The lid has an inbuilt thermometer with a light system that ensures the water you fill it with, is safe. 
It will tell you if the water is too hot for an infant. 
You fill Missta with water that is safe and you can use that water all day/night to serve instantly to bub.