Hushh+ info

How To Use

Step 1 - Charge your device
  • Use the included USB cable to fully charge your Hushh+. A full charge will take 4 hours.
  • Low battery - fast blinks
  • Charging - slow blinks
  • Fully charged - indicator light turns off
  • USB power adapter not included - please use a good quality power adapter)
  • Wireless charger not included
  • Do not attempt to charge wirelessly while plugged in with USB charger
Step 2 - Connect device to wireless speaker
  1. Ensure bluetooth is active on your device
  2. Power on Hushh+
  3. Press the wireless button on your Hushh+. The wireless LED will flash blue.
  4. Complete pairing on your device via the bluetooth settings
  5. When the device is paired, the wireless LED light will turn solid blue
If pairing is unsuccessful after 3 minutes, the blue light will turn orange. To attempt pairing again, press and hold the wireless button until the wireless LED light flashes and repeat steps 4 & 5.
Step 3 - Deactivate wireless speaker
  • Pres the wireless button. The wireless LED light will turn off
Step 4 - Set timer
  1. Push the timer button. An LED will light up under the timer you have set; either 45 minutes, 90 minutes or 8 hours
  2. The sound machine will automatically turn off at the desired time
  3. To deactivate the timer, press the timer button to cycle through timer settings until no LED light is illuminated
The timer LED will turn off after 20 seconds.
Step 5 - Set child lock
  1. Turn Hushh+ on and then press the child lock button
  2. To turn child lock off, press the child lock button
  • The child lock LED indicator will activate and turn off after 20 seconds, but the child lock will remain on
  • When other buttons are pressed while the device is locked, the child lock LED will light up again


How do I clean and take care of my Hushh+?
To clean your Hushh+, gently wipe exterior with a damp cloth
What do the flashing indicator lights means?
If your Hushh+ battery is low, the indicator light will blink quickly. While your device is charging, the indicator light will blink slowly. When your device is fully charged, the indicator light will turn off completely.
Does the Hushh+ come with a power cable?
Yes, the Hushh+ comes with a USB charging cable. Power adapter is not included. You can also use a wireless charger to charge your Hushh+.
The buttons aren't working on my Hushh+. What do I do?
Make sure the child lock is not activated on your Hushh+. When other buttons are pressed the child lock LED light will flash. To turn off child lock, press the child lock button.