Swirl Baby Floaty Ring

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With a retro twist and just the right amount of Pist(achio), Swirl is one of the new kids on the block ready to bring ripples of fun to your home.

Comfortable, easy to wear style with a modern, on trend design, in muted pastel colours.

70cm diameter, a big size. ring to keep your babies stable and afloat.

10-30kgs weight recommendation.

Easily inflated, filled, deflated and stored.

Safety tested, phthalate, lead and BPA free.

Earth-conscious thanks to FSC-approved eco-friendly packaging and durable vinyl that allows you to reuse your products from summer to summer.

Prevent drowning! Children should be supervised by an adult at all times while device is in use. Adult should always be at arms reach from child, never leave child unattended. This is not a safety device. Always have emergency number and phone on hand.

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