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Binks Day Bottle is the world’s first water bottle with hydration tracking markings, delivering precise insight into your water intake and holding you accountable to reach your recommended consumption. Perfect for busy, active lifestyles or those that don't drink enough water - its stylish design, durability, and portability make it the perfect emotional support bottle.

The Hydration Tracking Bottle.

An ultra-minimal wellness tracking bottle designed to help you meet your daily recommended water needs. Because your health is your greatest asset, and drinking enough water should never feel abstract or unattainable. 

Day Bottle empowers you to be more mindful of the water you drink every day. It has simple to follow AM/PM time markings on the bottle sleeve which help you drink all day. Start meeting your daily recommended water needs.

A modern water bottle evolved to your needs. Stays with you, goes anywhere. A day-in, day-out bottle to keep you hydrating and keep you well.  

Glass Bottle with Silicone sleeve and Polypropylene cap.

Dishwasher safe.

Note - Straw Is Sold Separately.


If you accidentally break your bottle within the first 365 days of purchase please retain the cap & sleeve then reach out to us and we will send a replacement glass bottle (just pay for shipping).

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