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Rainbows Snap Reusable Nappy Pants
Rainbows Snap Reusable Nappy Pants
Rainbows Snap Reusable Nappy Pants


Rainbows Snap Reusable Nappy Pants

These gorgeous rainbow print Sassy Pant nappies with striking fabric print designed by New Zealand artist, Bex Dellar, are going to look so adorable on your baby. 

No last minute dash to the shops to get more nappies! By choosing even 1 nappy change to be a cloth nappy you can help reduce the 1 million disposable nappies that are dumped into NZ land fills EVERY DAY (taking 300-500 years to break down).

Reusable nappies will last through your babies entire nappy phase thanks to the adjustable snap fastenings.

Each nappy includes;

Microfibre booster 

1x Microfibre booster pad
A thick and thirsty pad that includes 1 suede, 1 bamboo cotton, 3 microfibre and 1 microfleece layers. For babies up to 5 months this is normally all you need to stuff in the nappy.

Bamboo booster

1x Bamboo booster pad
Bamboo boosters are made of 3 thirsty layers 420gsm bamboo. Our booster pads are very good quality bamboo which means they absorb high amounts of liquid. This pad is normally put under the microfibre layer in the nappy shell.


The adorable outer. This shell has a breathable, waterproof outer layer, with a soft, stay-dry suede cloth inner, that helps pull excess moisture away from your baby's skin.

Fits 4-16kg
The placement of the rainbow print pattern will be slightly different on each nappy.

Prewash at 40 degrees with Persil.
Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
Full wash within 2 days.
Line dry in the shade.
Booster pads can be put in dryer if needed.


Sustainable - Modern - Unisex


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