Note To Self - Gratitude Journal

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A self prompting gratitude journal that you can start at any time and fill in as much of what you would like to reflect on. Thanks to the enclosed 100+ handy prompt stickers you can customise your reflections, gratitudes and intentions.

Forget Me Not's beautiful new gratitude journal is the first of its kind. With 200 crisp, lined pages and their signature gold foil stickers, ‘note to self’ is a complete wellness journal, designed for both your free, spontaneous writing, while also offering guided, thoughtful journal prompts to inspire you to reflect on and document your life, fill with memories, and express daily gratitude.

The choice of journal prompts is yours alone – with three pages of luxurious gold foil stickers to choose from:

  • Past e.g.  My earliest memory is, An experience I have grown from is, A teacher I am most grateful for is;
  • Present e.g. How I am looking after myself, An ability I am most grateful for is, A strength that has helped me this week is; and
  • Future e.g. Something I am doing for my future self is, When I imagine my life in five years I see, One of my ultimate goals is.

Make mindfulness part of your practice, whether you start each day with a fresh page, or reflect sporadically, our gratitude journal is flexible and open-ended, yet offers the structure of journal prompts, when you need them.

The science-backed benefits of using a gratitude journal are innumerable, both mentally and physically: “When we practice gratitude, we have to pause and capture it; for instance, write it down, take a photo of it, share it with someone. At that moment, the brain releases serotonin and dopamine. The benefits of gratitude journaling include experiencing happiness, providing time for reflection, and distracting the person from pain. Sleep improves, and anxiety reduces. Some psychologists believe that our brain is conditioned to notice the negative more than the positive. Our negativity bias is frequently mentioned in studies of human motivation, judgment, and decision-making. Positive feelings of gratitude, which get triggered when we write about the things we are thankful for, can also improve our motivation.”

Following the launch of the ‘to my child‘ journals, designed to write to our children and grandchildren, Megan, founder or Forget Me Not, felt the urge to create a gratitude journal to simply write to herself – words that she never has to share with anybody, but which will improve her mental health and wellness.

Megan knows that as a parent, it’s important to make time for yourself, but just a five minute journal practice can really help calm the chaos of motherhood, improve mental clarity and being grateful for all that we have.

210 x 142 mm