Jasmine + Bergamot Incense Sticks

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Experience the calming scent of floral Jasmine and Bergamot with these incense sticks. Perfect for setting a tranquil atmosphere, the incense sticks help to relax and unwind. Let the sweet and uplifting scent sooth your mind and body.

Peggy Sue's Calming Incense Sticks provide you with a beautiful aroma that resembles romance and love. 

Each Incense Stick is made using natural wood powder and hosts essential oils of Jasmine + Bergamot, a scent that will soothe your soul as they calm your senses


Place incense stick in holder and ignite the tip. Burn for 5 seconds before blowing out the flame. Sit back and enjoy the smoulder and fragrance as it uplifts your senses.

Please Note: Always burn under supervision and keep out of reach of children. Burn in a well ventilated room.


Includes 10 Incense Sticks. Apx 10 hours burn time