Formula Dispenser

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Why You'll ♡ Me:

Missta's Formula Dispenser is the perfect solution for busy parents. Its convenient dispenser helps portion out the ideal amount of formula for each bottle, making feedings easier and more accurate. Its stylish, ergonomic design ensures ease of use and fits easily in any diaper bag.

FINALLY - a stylish formula dispenser!

There is no need to lug around the entire tin of formula! 
The Missta Formula Dispenser makes outings, babysitting and overnight feeds easy! Fill each compartment with pre measured formula tailored to your babies feeds, to make bottle feeding quick, while saving space in the baby bag! 

The Missta formula dispenser is designed to help avoid spillage in the baby bag. Requiring a substantial amount of force to remove the lid, you won’t open your baby bag to any messy surprises! 

Make sure you follow the dispenser instructions to ensure you get the best from your Missta formula dispenser! 

  • BPA Free
  • 3 Large Compartments
  • Practical and Sleek Design
  • Made from Tritan Plastic

The formula dispenser can withstand 100°C for under 60 seconds.


To clean - please use warm soapy water and hand wash only.