Brighten Up Serum

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Why You'll ♡ Me:

A pregnancy safe alternative to retinol that will hydrate the sensitive of skins.

Keep up your pre-pregnancy skin routine with this mama-safe retinol alternative treatment.

With a concentrated blend of wrinkle + melasma[P1] - fighting bakuchiol, nourishing oils and smoothing fruit extracts, this brightening serum targets dark spots, and fine lines while providing a boost of antioxidant hydration to support your hormonal skin during pregnancy and beyond.

Dermatologist Developed & Allergy Tested.

Clinical Results

97% of women agreed this product helped to brighten dark spots
97% agreed it was equal in performance to traditional retinol serums
94% saw the appearance of smooth skin texture
97% agreed it increased their natural glow
97% agreed that their skin was softer
97% saw softer appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

*Clinical Tests performed by Essex Testing with consent from all individuals to participate in a survey as well as image analysis
*Test group included 30 females ages 25-50
*Results based on 4 weeks of product use
*Goals were: Improved skin texture, brightness, and radiance