Apple Dot Thermo Bottle

Apple Dot Thermo Bottle

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Thermo bottle made in 100 percent stainless steel grade.
The bottle comes with two lids (one with a handle, one with a handle and mouth piece).

100% Food Grade Stainless Steel (Grade 304)

Diameter: 7 cm Height: 18 cm with a stainless lid, 20 cm with PP lid.

Suitable from 3 years


Wash the bottle as soon as possible after the use of perishable liquids.
Not microwave and dishwasher safe.
Do not place the bottle on any heat source.
Do not overfill the bottle with exceed hot water in case of overflow and skin burn.
Adding evaporative stuff and liquid like dry ice and sodas are not allowed
The bottles does not come with a straw and cleaner.